4 simple strategies to attract leads and customers with Facebook

Facebook marketing is a necessity for businesses of all sizes. It’s the world’s largest social network, offering quick access to your target market. It also boasts advanced targeting features, which makes its ad services quite cost-effective if you do it right.

When putting together a Facebook ad, your approach should vary depending on your objective. We’ve divided Facebook ads into four different types, each with its own objective:

  • Brand awareness ads

  • Post-engagement ads

  • Event ads

  • Lead generation ads

Brand awareness ads

Ads focusing on brand awareness are designed to catch people’s attention with the goal of turning them into customers in the future. They may not convert into sales immediately, but they plant the seeds for future growth. With the right information, you can target only the people who are likely to respond well to your ad. The more they see your ad, the more likely they will be to remember your brand when it comes time to make a purchase.

Post-engagement ads

Contests encourage engagement, boost brand awareness, and provide low-cost promotion for your business. You could ask participants to post a custom hashtag or tag your company in a post. It provides an incentive for your audience to promote your brand to their social circle and makes your brand more memorable. If you choose to feature a contest entry form on your website, you could drive a lot of traffic there in a short time. Combine a solid contest or giveaway with a post-engagement ad, and you're looking at a powerful recipe for lead generation.

Event ads

Advertising your event on Facebook is an excellent way to maximize its exposure. You can include a call-to-action button, allowing your audience to RSVP right from the ad. This can give you an estimate of how many people will attend, which can be a lifesaver in the event of an extra large turnout. Your future guests will also receive reminders leading up to the event so they don’t miss out.

Lead generation ads

Lead generation ads are designed to collect information from potential customers, usually for the purpose of contacting them with sales offers. You might offer an ebook or newsletter subscription in exchange for their email address. If you are hiring, you could even include a link to accept resumes. Lead generation ads provide a direct connection with potential customers.

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