Target small-business owners with a webinar

Startups and small businesses are springing up everywhere. While they all need financial advisors, many business owners are so strapped for cash that they’ve dismissed the idea of hiring a professional. A webinar is a perfect opportunity to prove that your services can actually save them money in the long run. And since it’s a virtual meeting, even the busiest employer can make time.

A webinar is a live video session (think: seminar but on the web) during which you provide free information for potential clients. You might choose to focus on tax-saving strategies for businesses, TFSAs, retirement savings, or another topic that would be of interest to business owners. Show them that it is possible to set aside money for long-term savings, even while facing business expenses.

Platforms like Facebook Live offer viewers the chance to ask questions, which you could then answer during a Q&A segment of the presentation.

At the beginning, middle, and end of your presentation, you can encourage your viewers to visit your website or set up an appointment for even more useful financial information.


Once you’ve planned out your webinar and you’re ready to start advertising, you’ll need to create high-quality graphics promoting the event. A successful webinar requires a great deal of preparation, so make the most of it by attracting as many viewers as you can.

Create a Facebook event so that people can RSVP. Facebook will then send reminders to your attendees so they don’t miss out. Purchase Facebook ads to promote the event, targeting CEOs, founders, business owners, and any other demographic that might find your webinar useful.

Once the webinar is over, you can retarget each of the viewers with more of your ads later on.


Make the most of your content

Here’s the best part: You can repurpose the video and make use of it later. Many people don’t realize that once their webinar is done, they can offer the video as a download on their website. It’s a great way to prove your expertise to potential clients in the future. You could even include a download link in your newsletter as a bonus for subscribers.

With enough planning and preparation, your webinar can be more than a lucrative live event: It can continue to bring in new clients over the long term.

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