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AIDA vs. AI.DA 2.0

The AIDA principle operated on the premise that there was approximately 200-500 brand impressions established on the average consumer per day through legacy media established in the 1920’s.

Capture the attention of the potential customer
Apply “Guerilla Marketing” to maintain interest
Build up the desire for consumers to purchase
Consumers engaged and want to purchase

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15,000 Data Points

AI.DA 2.0 is an Artificial Intelligence growth solution that creates psychological and empathic links with targets, identifying new untapped customer segments & data profiles, encouraging them to convert at a much higher percentage at the maximum yield.

AI.DA 2.0’s proprietary 24 algorithms focus on extracting & refining new data segments based off of real-time cognitive behavior, big data, public data, and seasoned anonymized internal information silos. AI.DA 2.0 focuses on stitching together the 15,000 aforementioned touchpoints to zero in on the type-a customer.

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About Us

Who We Are

JSU Solutions is an advertising technology company that helps brands grow their following and influence. One of the premier Facebook Ad Tech companies in Canada, JSU Solutions’ well kept secret at the heart of every campaign, and research project, was AI.DA 2.0.

Why We're Different

Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence Technology AI.DA 2.0, uses 24 Machine Learning algorithms to identify high-performing customer segments. The average person has already 15,000 data points assigned to their own profile on Social Media; the average Marketing Firm/Department focuses on targeting 5-15 of those data points to convert their customer. AI.DA 2.0 identifies over 500 data points for both B2B and B2C lead profiles motivating them to close.

Case Studies


Marketing consultant for independent financial advisors. Provides online training courses and other resources to help entrepreneurs grow their financial practices.


Solar Brokers Canada is one of the largest providers of solar panels in Canada and the first residential solar brokerage in the country.


EMSB is Quebec’s largest English public school board, comprised of 52 public schools in and around the city of Montreal. It is one of five school boards in the city. 


Our client provides cloud-based expense management solutions for professionals and small/medium enterprises all over the world.


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